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Croatia in EU - big changes for the benefit of all

09.07.2015 (21:26:44)

As it is well known, since its independence, Croatia has worked on the project of return to the European Union. Her path to the EU was not easy - the struggle for independence, the transition from socialist system to capitalism, material and spiritual re ( Læs mere )

Buying a plot & building your dream home in Croatia

25.11.2020 (23:55:45)

Very often - we meet buyers with their idealised dreams about real estate in Croatia. They would like ideal property - but than realise - it is not so easy to find, it is not so cheap... We advise such clients to buy a building plot in Croatia - and than ( Læs mere )

Stone house in Croatia - unique combination of natural beauty and historic style

09.07.2015 (21:24:11)

Old stone houses in Croatia are our passion. During past years we have helped a lot of foreigners to find their dream house in Croatia. We have established a strong local network of the best craftsmen, architects, builders, surveyors and other important ( Læs mere )

Constant investment increase - Gods have arrived to Adriatica

09.07.2015 (20:21:11)

Even in the worst times of global economic crisis - region at the Adriatic sea attracts more and more huge investments. Global economic "Gods" as Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Roman Abramovich - are already here and many others are coming. Why do we see these honorable - globaly successful people - in Adriatica? What attracts them to be here, to live here, to manage their empires from Adriatic shores? Does this means that Adriatica is projected as a real "Paradise on Earth" - as one tourist slogan says...? ( Læs mere )

Scandinavian Connection - increasingly buying a home for retirement

09.07.2015 (20:19:37)

In recent interview for leading Croatian weekly GLOBUS - Ante Nevistić emphasizes undervaluated real estate prices in Croatia. Most European buyers confirm it - they are selling their properties in Spain and France - to be able to buy a property in Croatia. With its natural beauty and superb people - Croatia is real contrast to other Mediterranean destinations. Properties by the sea in southern France or Spain - are up to 10 times more expensive than properties in Croatia. ( Læs mere )

INCREDIBLE !!! The best tourist season in history ! Croatia rules...

09.01.2013 (18:48:09)

It seems that economic situation in Europe is getting brighter... How else shall be explained this rush of tourists from - Poreč and Pula, Crikvenica and Zadar, Trogir and Bol, Makarska and Dubrovnik, Budva and Ulcinj... For sure - thanks to this beautiful nature, many Europeans choose Croatia as their first holiday target... ( Læs mere )

Adriatica - the best nudist region in the world !!! Back to paradise...

09.07.2015 (20:18:17)

Why was a man expeled from the paradise? Can we change the flow of history? On clay tablets of ancient Sumer and later in Old Testament - there is a story about expeling Adam and Eve from the paradise. Briefly - Adam and Eve have taken apple from forbiden "tree of good and evil" ( a snake have persuaded Eve to do so ). That have caused their expeling from paradise and percieving of their nakedness. There are also other details - but it's really fuzzily - why nakedness has caused such a dramatic move of the God... ( Læs mere )


02.02.2013 (18:50:28)

Unprecedented number of flights towards Adriatica during tourist season 2013 !!! From more than 130 European destinations there will be direct flights to Adriatica airports ( Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Brac, Dubrovnik, Mostar, Sarajevo... ( Læs mere )

CNN: Dubai is out, Croatia is new target for celebrities!!!

09.07.2015 (20:16:45)

Quality is quality - however we don't talk about that !!! You can never achieve such a God\'s given beauty - by building artificial islands, with a huge help of technology miracles etc. One of the biggest world miracles - DUBAI - is in trouble. Many celebrities - businessman, artists, sportsman, scientists - abandon Dubai and choose to buy real estate in beautiful Croatia. More and more of them are already here - or - they are looking to acquire property at the Adriatic Sea. ( Læs mere )

Triumph of the Will

09.07.2015 (20:15:47)

So - here we are again with some news from Adriatica :-) The tourist season 2009 was even better than the one of 2008, despite of the current world economic crisis. Having in mind that Italy, France, Spain, Greece - had decline of 20-30%, we have to be really very happy. Thanks to nice weather, the real tourist season was extended until the end of October. At present ( November 2009 ), Croatian cities like Dubrovnik, Trogir and Pula - are crowded by organized tourist groups, mainly seniors, a lot of them from USA and Japan. Guests are very satisfied with Croatia - so, no doubt that the next tourist season will be even better. ( Læs mere )

Pamela Anderson: My beautifull Montenegro

09.07.2015 (20:15:08)

Adriatica attracts each day more and more celebrities who are searching to find a paradise on Earth. All of us remember this beautiful girl from "Baywatch" and most of us have watched it exactly because of her. And here she comes - phenomenall wellknown beauty queen, Pamela Anderson - has finally found her dream country - Montenegro !!! ( Læs mere )

Americans Turn To Adriatica

09.07.2015 (20:14:24)

It seems that America has cought Adriatica fever. More and more American written and online media - brings stories from this magical country at the Adriatic sea. Specially younger generations got surprised to see in the heart of Europe such a beautiful country with hundreds of islands, small tasty Dalmatian towns with superb lifestyle, people with excelent senses for culture, humor, entertainment... ( Læs mere )

Travel Channel - Croatian Sexiest Beaches

09.07.2015 (20:13:41)

Bridget Marquardt, ex Hugh Hefner girlfriend ( owner of Playboy ), has a new reality show "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches" on Travel Channel, specialised TV channel devoted to tourism only. She looks for the most sexiest beaches worldwide. On the first place she has put Australia, and than on the second - CROATIA - before Hawai, Spain, Mexico, Florida, Barbados etc. In episode about Croatia, Bridget Marquardt spent some time in Croatia, together with Sara Underwood, also Playboy model. ( Læs mere )

Interview for Top Slovak Magazine

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Mr Nevistic gave an interview to the leading Slovak magazine TREND. Read more under attached link... ( Læs mere )


21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

What is a recession? Why do we hear that word more often? If there is a recession - what situation can we expect in Adriatica? How can we save our money, our values? RECESSION - is in the air as every day seems to bring more gloomy economic news. Many commentators are now openly talking about the current slowdown turning into a recession. But how do economists define a recession and when will we know if we are going through one? This is a thorny question on which experts still disagree. However, technically speaking, the economy would slide into recession when it experiences two successive quarters of what is known as "negative growth". For this to happen, the total amount of goods and services produced by one country - known as gross domestic product (GDP) - would have to contract on a quarter by quarter basis for a total period of six months. ( Læs mere )


21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Nothing will be the same from 01. February 2009. Croatia introduces a new law for foreigners... Well - the Croatian government is removing all of its restrictions on citizens from the European Union buying property in the country as of February 1, 2009. As Croatia works towards joining the EU, perhaps as early as next year, its government is hurriedly introducing new legislation to harmonise its processes with that of the 27-strong nation bloc. ( Læs mere )

Wow !!! What a great tourist season !!!

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Turist season 2008 has reached again its records. Millions of modern nomads from all over the world have visited charming places on beautiful Adriatic Sea. All those good people have finaly found their oasys of peace, where they have "recharged their bateries", taken the sun power, tried life in the paradise on Earth, forgotten worries and problems... Besides traditional tourists from neighbouring countries as well as from Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Checz Republic and Poland - we had this year a huge increase of visitors from Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, Britain, Japan, USA - even from Spain, Portugal and Australia. ( Læs mere )

Adriatica - Island of Optimism

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

What headlines can we lately read worldwide - fuel prices raise, food prices raise, unemployment rate raise... Many negative news from all over the world... However - there is one country that shines with optimism, where people are still happy, where you can see a glimpse of paradise in eyes of ordinary people... You've got it - of course - that's our Adriatica !!! There was recently a meeting of world leaders, when one American professor stated - "If the rest of the world would have just a bit of optimism and self confidence, as it is the case with Croatia - all world crisis would disappear overnight..." ( Læs mere )

Cowboys Welcome to Adriatica

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Mr. Prime Minister, thank you very much. I'm honored to be here with the leaders from Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia. The United States appreciates the leadership you have shown in the cause of freedom. We're pleased Albania and Croatia have been invited to join NATO. And we look forward to Macedonia taking its place very soon in this great alliance for freedom. Laura, who has joined me today, and I are proud to stand on the soil of an independent Croatia. Our countries are separated by thousands of miles, but we\'re united by a deep belief in God and the blessings of liberty He gave us. And today, on the edge of the great Adriatic, we stand together as one free people. ( Læs mere )

Susan adores Split

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

A young Canadian reporter from "The Toronto Star" has recently visited the Mediterranean capital - Split. She was pleasantly suprised discovering how superior life has been lived here. The rich visions of the Deocletian\'s city, heavenly blue skies and the sea, fragrances and tastes of sweet Dalmatia, Croatian hospitality and sense of humor - it has all touched her so strong that she has promised - "I will soon be back, I want to live here. This is the most beautiful country in the world. Please find for me one nice real estate to buy." ( Læs mere )

Bosnia and Herzegovina in EU soon !!!!

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Beautiful heart-shaped country in the ultimate heart of Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina - will soon become a member of the European Union. Many Europeans get terribly surprised when they discover such a beautiful country - that was in last century in large troubles. The country has been stabilising and just a few more steps are to be undertaken - to reach its final goal - to join EU. Today is signed agreement on association which is a final step towards full membership. ( Læs mere )

Dalmatia more and more expensive

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Prices in Adriatica are rising constantly. One article in daily Slobodna Dalmacija reads about apartment in Mediterranean capital - Split - that have reached price of 7.500E/m2. People are not blind - Adriatica's geographical position, lovely coast with 1.500 islands, pleasant and healthy climate, variety of tastes and fragrances, preserved old towns, mentality of beautiful and honest people - no, no - you can\'t find it anywhere else on this Earth... So - no wonder that prices are rising - as more and more people want to come here, spend their holidays here, live here, die here... ( Læs mere )

Ante Nevistic - Interview for Russian Magazine

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Mr Nevistic has given an exclusive interview to the Russian real estate magazine. ( Læs mere )

Adriatica full of tourists in September

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

All hotels on Adriatic coast are booked to capacity - in September as well as in the first half of October. From midst of October - many organized senior groups are coming to Adriatica. Winter Adriatica - places like Sarajevo - are also very well booked for the forthcoming winter season. So - Adriatica is starting to take the top place in the tourism world. ( Læs mere )

Stock exchange risks - save your money

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Be careful when investing into stock exchange. Last bubble that was blown in the USA - has shown that the best possible investment is - investment into real estate. Prices in Adriatica haven't reached its half of the real price - so you can still winn a huge amount of money by investing in Adriatica. ( Læs mere )

Danish Royal Family in Croatia

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Crown Princess Mary arrived for holidays in Croatia on Sunday afternoon, 15th July, with Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. Crown Prince Frederik joined them later along with Caroline and Peter Heering. The Royal family was directed towards Zaton, close to the ancient Croatian town of Dubrovnik where the Seagull, a 54-metres-long luxury yacht, was waiting for them. The royal family and their friends would cruise in the Adriatic and see remote islands like Mljet in the National Park of Mljet. ( Læs mere )

Mr Nevistic's interview to CNBC

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

CNBC is the recognized world leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information to more than 340 million homes worldwide, including more than 95 million households in the United States and Canada. The journalist has shown huge interest in property market in Adriatica - specialy in Montenegro. Mr Nevistic has given one comprehensive overview - which excerpt you can read in related link. ( Læs mere )

Coastal Croatia by Bicycle: Sea, Sun, Truffles

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

New York Times on bike tour in Croatia. Spring, early summer and early fall are the best times for biking through Istria, when temperatures usually range from the 60s to the 80s; the place heats up in July and August, though that remains the busiest tourist period. Most visitors stick to the coast, where villages teeter on limestone peninsulas, the pastel walls of the outermost buildings dropping straight down to the surf. But there is an overlooked magnetism to Istria\'s uncrowded interior, with its diverse cultural influences and medieval villages perched on fortified hilltops. FROM THE NORTH TO THE SOUTH, from the eastern to the western Istrian coast, on nearly 2,600 kilometres spread the already plotted sixty bike trails. Istria County Tourist Board has published so far six brochures entitled “Istria Bike” with trails plotted in detail and descriptions of mostly circular tracks stretching on 1,500 marked kilometres. Other bike trails, yet to be plotted, have covered all Istria like a spider web. ( Læs mere )

Oprah Winfrey To Purchase Villa In Dubrovnik

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Yes - she is coming to Dubrovnik to purchase one of the best villa !!! More and more American celebrities are coming to the most beautiful place on the Earth - ADRIATICA !!! Where are you ?!? What are you waiting for ? ADRIATICA is waiting for you...Oprah Gail Winfrey (born January 29, 1954) is the American multiple-Emmy Award winning host of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the highest rated talk show in television history. She is also an influential book critic, an Academy Award-nominated actress, and a magazine publisher. She has been ranked the richest African American of the 20th century, the most philanthropic African American of all time, and the world\'s only Black billionaire for three straight years. She is also, according to several assessments, the most influential woman in the world. ( Læs mere )

Croatian villas the most beautiful in the world

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Sunday Times rates two Croatian villas among top ten in the world. "Don’t just go to the beach. Live there. Hiring a villa by the sea will cost you extra — but think of the buzz each morning when you rise, walk blearily onto the terrace and take in the view. It’ll be worth every extra penny. Here are 10 of the best seafront properties available for the coming summer..." ( Læs mere )

People in Dalmatia happy

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Family and traditional values come first for people in Dalmatia. Family is always on the first place!!! Occasional visits to places where we have our family roots - either in the hinterland or on the islands - makes us very happy. Genuine happiness is found in simplest activities - like drinking a water, whispering of the sea, colecting olives, fishing... in our modern times - privileges for not so many... ( Læs mere )

Google AddWords

21.05.2010 (00:00:00)

Croatia real estate agency. Adriatica has started with its commercial marketing. We are on Google among the first few adwertisers for properties on Adriatic Sea. ( Læs mere )